Scattergories Alliteration Rules

In Scattergories, players can earn additional points for alliteration by naming multiple words in the same category. Alliteration is seen when a player’s answer consists of multiple words that all start with the round’s major letter. 

Scattergories Alliteration Rules

For example, if the letter is “M” and the category is “TV Show,” the answer “Mickey Mouse” would score two points, and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisey” would score three points because of the answer having multiple M’s in the title.

Scattergories Alliteration Rules

To score with alliteration, a player must come up with an alliterative answer and earn one point for each word that starts with the desired letter. For instance, if the key letter is “S” and the category is “Things in a Supermarket,” an answer like “Sweet Strawberries” would score two points because it has two words starting with “S.” 

However, players cannot use the same word twice in their answers. For example, if the key letter is “C” and the category is “Foods You Eat for Breakfast,” a player cannot use “Cereal” twice in their answer.

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