Truth or Dare with a Deck of Cards

Truth or Dare is a popular party game where players take turns while drawing cards from two different decks, one for Truths and the other for Dares. The game can be played with a deck of cards where players then take turns answering truth questions or performing dares and continue until one player has run out of cards.

Truth or Dare with a Deck of Cards

How to Play Truth or Dare with a Deck of Cards

To play Truth or Dare with a deck of cards, you must separate the cards into two decks: Truths and Dares. You can write different Truth questions and Dare challenges on separate sheets of paper, and use them for the corresponding card piles. You can also assign different categories to different suits. For example, spades could be for loving dares, clubs for hard dares, hearts for loving truths, and diamonds for hard truths.

To begin the game, shuffle the cards and deal five cards to each player. Place the remaining cards face down in the middle of the players. The youngest player goes first and draws a card from either the Truth or Dare pile. If the player draws a Truth card, they must answer the question truthfully. 

When the players draw a Dare card, they must perform the dare. If the player completes the task, they can ask the reader a truth or dare card and discard it and if they refuse to answer, the other player can discard an extra card. 

If the reader answers the question incorrectly, they can choose a dare from their hand and have the player perform it and, in case the player cannot perform the dare, the reader can discard an additional card.

You can also play Truth or Dare with the same cards as a regular poker deck. In poker, the center of each card has a truth question and a dare. When you win a card game, you can assign truths and dares to other players.

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