Funny Charades Words for Adults (Simple and Hard)

The funny charades words in the game are the words based on fun and excitement, where players perform these words and other players guess the action performed and enjoy the fun of interacting with each other. Here are some funny charade words for adults that are simple and easy.

Funny Charades Words for Adults

Funny Charades Words for Adults

  1. Lemon: Act out the sourness!
  2. Handstand: Go upside down!
  3. Clown: Make them laugh with your best clown impression!
  4. Duck: Honk, honk like a quacking duck!
  5. Elvis Presley: Shake those hips like the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll!
  6. Robot dance: Show off your mechanical moves!
  7. Mime stuck in a box: Think outside the box (literally)!
  8. Breakdancing: Spin, pop, and break it down!
  9. Karate chop: Hiya! Demonstrate your martial arts skills.
  10. Juggling balls: Keep those imaginary balls in the air!
  11. Playing air guitar: Channel your inner rock star vibes.
  12. Ballet dancer: gracefully twirls and pirouettes.
  13. Sumo wrestler: embrace the big and powerful stance.
  14. Disco dance moves: groove to funky rhythms.
  15. Golf swing: pretend to tee off on the green.
  16. Tightrope walker: Balance carefully and focus.
  17. Beatboxing: Create a rhythm with your voice.
  18. Tap dancing: Happy feet, tap away!
  19. Heavy metal music: Bang your head like a true metalhead.
  20. Moonwalk: Smoothly glide backward like Michael Jackson.
  21. Strong wind: Struggle against an imaginary gust.
  22. Hula hooping: Spin that hoop around your waist.
  23. Flamenco dancer: express passion and intensity.
  24. Flying superhero: Soar through the skies with imaginary wings.
  25. Twerking: Shake that booty (with humor)!

Funny Charades Words for Adults Hard

The hard words in charades are the words that are more difficult to perform and guess and which are used to make the game harder to play. Here are some funny charade words for more difficult adults.

hard charades words funny for adults
  1. Accordion: Mimic playing the accordion by expanding and contracting your hands in a rhythmic motion.
  2. Brewery Tour: Pretend to drink from an imaginary beer bottle while touring a brewery.
  3. Zombie Apocalypse: Shuffle around like a zombie and pretend to eat brains.
  4. Under Pressure (Queen): Act out the pressure or stress.
  5. Perfect (Ed Sheeran): Show perfection in your movements.
  6. Take Me to Church (Hozier): Gesture as if entering a church.
  7. Complicated (Avril Lavigne): Make your actions intricate and confusing.
  8. Particles (Nothing But Thieves): Imagine particles floating around you.
  9. Stay With Me (Sam Smith): Convey a sense of longing or attachment.
  10. I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor (Arctic Monkeys): Dance energetically.

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